Sailing in Croatia

Sail through one of the most beautiful seas in the world – Adriatic sea! Visit popular places, enjoy untouched nature and see the beautiful coastline of Croatia!
Sailing never stops in Croatia!
Croatia is a safe and friendly destination for everybody. Skipper-in-croatia staff is fully prepared and organized with all safety measures.
Let set sails again !!!
Who are we and what is our business? We provide full boat management service: full skipper service, hostess and chef service, exclusive boat rental discount, boat transfers all around the world, and other boat services. Just fill up the form below and our manager will contact you.

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The skipper’s responsibility is to plan the navigation route according to the customer’s wishes, navigating the routes, caring for the passengers and the attitude towards the passengers in accordance with good practices in tourism, informing and assisting passengers during the voyage, and other legal obligations of the yacht’s master / commander.

Skipper is obliged to deal with the the safety of navigation: navigational characteristics of the vessel, current weather conditions, meteorological forecasts, possibility and safety of connection or anchoring, basic vessel maintenance during navigation, fatigue of skipper, row on board, supply with fuel, water and food and other factors which affect the safety of navigation.

If necessary, and in particular for safety reasons, the skipper has the right at any time to change the navigation route.

The customer is obliged to provide a berth for a skipper and adequate nutrition throughout the cruise. It is customary for the skipper to dine together with the passengers, but the client may decide that the passengers will dine separately from the skipper. In this case, the client is obliged to pay the costs of the skipper’s food, according to the actual costs shown in the presented invoices.
The customer is obliged to pay the costs of connection to marinas, ports and anchors, tickets to national parks and nature parks, fuel and running water costs and other navigational costs.

Book a hostess

The main tasks of the hostess are to take care of the cleanliness and neatness of the inner part of the ship, and if there is no chef, she is also in charge of preparing meals, breakfasts and lunches, while the dinner is paid extra or you can go to the restaurant.
Hostess is in charge of buying food (as agreed). The hostess will help the skipper to tie the yacht to the marina or do some easy tasks on the deck (if necessary). If a hostess is part of a larger crew, it is usually not in charge of cooking and supplying foodstuffs (it is a chef’s job), as well as for any repairs, attachment assistance etc. In that case, that’s the responsibility of sailor and hostess is concerned that everything is clean and neatly, as well as serving table, serving food, etc.
Besides being in charge of maintaining the order on board, the hostess is there to answer all questions and help with their advice. She constantly communicates with guests and you can contact her if you have any problems. Hostesses are in most cases educated and well acquainted with current events, so they will certainly know how to help you, answer your questions, and explain a lot about local customs and rules.
Like for a skipper, if you book a hostess, it is your duty to reserve a place for sleeping on board and food for hostess, so you have to keep that in mind while choosing a yacht for rent and buying food.

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Hi Franz,

I would like to let you know, that my girl Ana and myself had a most wonderful vacation on our sailing trip. Right from the start to the last minute of our departure in Split we been pleased with everything. We found the sailing boat is comfortable, clean. The staff very professional, plus fun. Meals elegantly served and good variety of dishes cooked on the boat, both of us loved  many swimming stops at beautiful bays. Our island visits were remarkable interesting at every stop as we loved all of the historical towns and natural beauties of the Mediterranean.

Hopefully I will have some other trips with your company in the future and I would definitely recommend you.


Hi On The Go Franz,

After an amazing week at Croatia, we treated ourselves to a wonderful cruise on your Sailing Split itinerary and it was fantastic! It was wonderful just to be able to relax and enjoy some of the amazing scenery that Croatia has to offer. We've never seen anywhere like it! Food was great and we got some serious tanning. We stopped at some wonderful places to explore and Dubrovnik and Mljet were two of our favourites. However we plan to come next year - can't wait!

Thanks for everything.

Sarah and Dan
Sarah and Dan

Hi Franz,

We came back from gorgeous Croatia few days ago and still can't stop thinking about it. Sailing the Dalmatian coastline and exploring different town every day was amazing.

Great experience!

See you next year on a different route. Thanks